How to contact the BCA Communications Center  in Indonesia : DIMENSIKU
How to contact the BCA Communications Center  in Indonesia : DIMENSIKU

How to contact the BCA Communications Center  in Indonesia : DIMENSIKU

How to contact bca call center number  24 hours

The 24-hour BCA call center number  is very helpful to its customers. With a call centre, someone can certainly easily solve banking problems they have experience with.  BCA itself is one of Indonesia’s largest banks . Its branches are scattered throughout the region and ATM devices are scattered in many places

This bank already has a long history. The first time the BCA was established was in 1957. At that time, sodono’s founder was Saleem, who immediately developed it to grow up as it is now.  The BCA itself is under dijarum surveillance with which it can be called the power of the work that is very strong

Now,  there are a large number of BCA companies. For example, from UIB Bank to PTBCA  Financial. With most sub-companies, a customer may be confused. This is the main function  of  the  24-hour BCA contact center. With it, customer confusion can prevail.

How to contact the BCA Communications Center  in Indonesia

It’s very easy to contact the BCA contact center  . Someone can call at 1500-888, a call that was opened to all Indonesians, not just by customers, who can contact all levels of society. However, an expected customer can contact them.

When the number is counted, the connection does not always need to be created while working. That’s why the call is open for 24 hours. Also, employees who treat it are available every day. This clearly makes it clear that the problem can be filed at any time in any case.

However, this  24-hour NUMBER  of the BCA Contact Center  does not connect users to staff. That’s why the user first contacts Auto Desktop. On the response device, there is actually enough information about various problems with customers. However, some unusual things should be confusing.

Because, we need to select the correct number to get an explanation of the problem. To connect with staff, select Number 1 in the first question. The number that creates the connection that will be performed using Android then, select number 1 again. Number 1 makes you choose a banking service.

Finally, choose number 3. The selected section makes you connect to the Firecache service. This Firecash service can connect users to staff. However, if the call to the response device does not want to be performed in any way,  there will  be  another 24 hours for the BCA Contact Center.

The number 021-235-88000 call can make someone serve quickly. However, contacting him does not need to go to the response device. However, customers contact the staff directly. This will take less time.

Contact centers abroad

All of the above connections are intended only for local purposes. When he was abroad, the relationships were obviously different. You don’t have to worry about this. Call the  BCA Contact Center  24  hours a day anywhere. Because this bank already has branches in different countries.

The first country to be mentioned is Saudi Arabia, which has very good diplomatic relations with Indonesia every year, and there are a large number of Indonesians who go on the Hajj, of course. It is very appropriate that I need it when you are there. There are two numbers that can be contacted while calling in the country.

The 24-hour BCA number  for  saudi Arabia’s first +966-54-220-0581 is the next number +966-53-298-7625. After Saudi Arabia, the next UAE   will provide only one communication center in the country. The call center can be contacted at +971-50-159-9393.

After the UAE, the country’s next country is growing rapidly in recent years. In fact, there are many Indonesians who are now deciding to rest there. The call itself is +974-6688-8279. Don’t forget Hongkong.  The BCA also has a special relationship center for the country.

The 24-hour BCA contact centre  is a number for Hong Kong +852-2356-2311. For the final point, you also know that  the BCA provides several communication centres in neighboring countries, namely Malaysia. Malaysia itself is bordering Arkipelago, so there are many Indonesian citizens there for a variety of purposes.

Not half-hearted , there is an MPAT connection provided inMAlicia . First call + 601-6422-6051 . After that, call +601-6415-6051. If the number is still full, try calling +601-6414-6051. Finally,  BCA Bank  customers  can call +601-6445-6051 when experiencing banking problems in the country.

Contacts can also be created using social networks

All the centers that call above provide payment rates for their customers. None of them make user connections for free, so don’t forget to raise your e-mail trust first. Do not allow trust funds on the phone to be less than 25,000.

The number will surely increase if it is done abroad. Electronic trust requires up to 100,000 rupees to stop halfway through. Please note that a connection that stops in the middle of the road creates a connection with the BCA Contact Center  number  24 hours must be made from the beginning.

Instead of experiencing this, it’s best to choose another way to connect. One of the best ways to connect through WhatsApp. Bika WhatsApp’s bank connection  at 0811-1500-998 is definitely free when it ends. In addition, WhatsApp’s reputation in Indonesia is also hesitant.

Almost everyone has their own account. With that, it will be very easy to contact that feeling. If it’s not through WhatsApp, the connection can also be made by e-mail. BCA’s official email address However, contact by e-mail has one withdrawal.

The main return is in a slow response. Of course, the email is different from the phone. The staff should read the questions carefully. Good and correct grammar must also be written to obtain user approval

For the last way, a connection may be made via Twitter. BCA’s official Twitter account  @HaloBCA. If you want to connect to it personally, you can contact The Mc. Anyway, if you want to connect more generally, the connection will also be made using names.

Connecting to the Call Center will solve the problem faster

When contacted by the  BCA’s 24-hour centre number, bank problems are resolved quickly. Therefore, the person who has dealt with it has already been educated and has gone through a long process. With it, the quality of the answers it gives will not disappoint.

Don’t get confused because you’re just looking for your answers on the Internet. Of course, the answer can be correct and the problem can be resolved, but it may be that the problem will get bigger. Instead of being finished, this situation will make you more confused.

Requests such as blocking ATM cards, blocking banking, and reports of several complaints are made through the Communications Centre. However, you can contact it for the purpose of obtaining information. Of course, all problems and questions will be fully answered. Calling the  BCA Call Center  24  hours will never be disappointed.

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