The circumstances and circumstances you need to know : Kitaswara
The circumstances and circumstances you need to know : Kitaswara

The circumstances and circumstances you need to know : Kitaswara

Simply contact Adira call center for easy debt service

Would you like to have a new car but don’t plan to buy it with money? Contact the Adira Call Center to get information about the best credit. Owning a vehicle is not only a priority but also the usefulness of the object.

Unfortunately, not all parties will be able to reach the price of vehicles that rise more every day, and credit options from ADRA Financial can be used.

In fact, not only does it provide vehicle loan services, but the company is customers in terms of financing for various merchandise Before contacting the  Adira calling center,  it is a good idea to listen to the following statement:

Find out Adira Dinamika Multi Binance

Established under the name Pete Adair Dynamica Financial, consumers generally know this company with Adera Financial.Adera is from the auto store Is one of the financial companies for customers related to the purchase of several goods, including cars, furniture, electronics, loans to be abundant.

The company’s peak product is a rental service for both new and used vehicle products.Company by a network of more than 600 branch offices In addition, there are 18,000 workers in all cities in Indonesia, and the financial company has business partners and consumers.

An application-based social media platform is currently being developed to provide services to consumers, and PT Adira Dinamica Mutti Financial online If you intend to use one of this company’s services, contact the Adira Call Center for more information.

Adira Multi Finance’s flagship products

Over time, the company is now coming up with a lot of high-end products for consumers, and for more details, see the full description of the best features below.

  1. Car finance

Vehicle financing is the most fundamental feature this company offers to consumers. They can choose the features according to their requirements. This feature also includes two purchasing options named a new car or a new used car The Bible says: “He that

  1. Auto currency

In addition to financing four-wheeled vehicles, Adira also provides two-wheeled vehicle financing services. If intended, conventional or sharia mechanisms can be used. You need to contact the Adira Call Center as soon as possible for information about the nominal amount and other needs.

  1. Inflation of electronics and furniture

Electronic goods and furniture are financed by air-conditioning, laptops, and refrigerators. Although there are furniture, it is possible to owe items such as cabinet, chairs, sofas, and other household needs.

  1. Inflation

Much inflation can be used for a variety of purposes, such as education, umbrella, health insurance, and home repairs. BPC warranty is available for existing vehicles. Are you curious about the import procedure? Contact Adira’s Call Center for more information .

The circumstances and circumstances you need to know

If you wish to cooperate with Adira Financial, you must complete the following situations as a condition to present. See the following scenarios:

  1. Electronics and furniture finance
  2. Make sure you are an Indonesian citizen as proof of a nominal card
  3. You must be at least 21 and 55 years old at least 21 and 55 years old
  4. There must also be 1 million receipts a month for the application
  5. Please note that the interest provided by the company varies across each branch
  6. there is a minimum financial limit of 1 million to 100 million
  7. Customers do not apply to payments or warrants
  8. At the time of initial importation, the customer also did not charge special fees
  9. Service users are required to pay an administrative fee with a nominee


  1. Credit program

Unlike the application for financial support for electronic devices and furniture, applying for large sums requires that the following conditions be met:

  1. Non-local card (KTP) must be added for a husband or wife
  2. Customers also need to include family cards
  3. Another requirement is to include a payday loan document or an income certificate
  4. CAtoma is required to have paperwork on home ownership, the land and construction tax, and telephone bills.
  5. Ultimately, customers are required to include complete documentation of their vehicles such as BPKB, STNK, and original goods.

What is Adira’s user service number?

Some consumers may wonder what needs to be prepared when they want to use the Adira Financial Feature, as well as how to contact Adira’s call center for  consultation  There is no  need to worry because this company also provides information assistance center services for its users.

The company itself provides a special service for the Information Center called Darin Adira Financial. The number you can contact is 1500511 24-hour 24-hour free service.

Using customer complaints centre service

Would you  like  to use information services and contact Adira’s call center? Not only as a medium to meet consumers’ goals, but this information service also provides many other features.

  1. Confirmation

This feature can be used as a confirmation interface, and consumers generally receive notifications of suspected fraud. To be sure, you can contact the customer service number from the company. Customer service will receive your report and confirm the matter.

  1. Information

In addition to confirmation, you can also contact the Adira Call Center to obtain certain information. This option can be used if forgotten; in addition to fees, customers can also request dates or some other critical information.

  1. Commitments

This feature was created with the aim of lodging complaints or reports coming from customers. While using services finds some problems, you can contact customer service directly to complain about the problem.

Are There Other Media Besides Calls?

However,  if you find some  difficulty when having to contact Adera’s call centre only to ask for information or file a complaint  Adira supports other media for these purposes; one of the media that can be used is official social media from the company.

Some media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn can be used to get information or disclose current problems. The formal application from the company, which has, could also be the main jujugan for customers who wish to access various features from the media in the form of an application shelf.

Being a customer of a financial company cannot be separate from the many obstacles and problems that can arise at any time. For those who wish to file a service-related complaint or who want more information, try to contact them as soon as possible.

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